Using TNEF's Enough

  1. Launch the application from your Applications folder or your dock if you've placed it in there..

  2. Select File > Open… and find the winmail.dat file on your computer.

  3. If the file successfully opens, you'll be presented with a window showing the contents of the file.

    Note: Your file may show more or less information including the body of the email.

  4. The files can be exported from the open winmail.dat file in a number of ways:

    • Select one or more files and select Export... from the File menu.
    • Choose Export All... from the File menu to get all the files.
    • Select one of more files and drag them to Finder.

    Note: There is special handling of calendar invitations and contact/address entries sent from Exchange users. Each will appear as a file that you can export from the winmail.dat file:

    • .VCF files can be saved and imported into Contacts
    • .ICS files can be saved and imported into Calendar