Postqueue Widget

Postqueue Widget

Some advanced Mac users like to have the Postfix email server locally. For mobile users, this allows your email client to always send mail and have Posfix handle delivery when back on a network. For web developers, having a local mail server can assist with email sending in your development environment.

The Postfix install comes with a command line program called postqueue which allows the user to see what mail is in the queue and manually flush the queue. This Dashboard widget allows you to refresh to see the queue status and flush the queue with a click of a button.



Q: Where can I find out more about running Postfix on my Mac?

Cutedge Systems has created a great program called MailServe which provides a friendly interface for setting up Postfix specifically for a Mac.

For those who desire more adventure, go straight to the source -- Postfix.


Let me know if you have any problems with using the Postqueue Widget or if you have suggestions for future versions.