Edit Link On Open

Edit Link On Open

This Safari Extension provides a contextual menu for links that prompts you to edit the link before opening.

Instead of copying/pasting links, use this extension for a quick edit.

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1. Download

Click on the above link. You should see a file called "EditLinkOnOpen.safariextz" in your download list.

2. Double click to install in Safari

Once you double click the downloaded file, Safari will prompt you with a message confirming that you want to install. Click the "Install" button and the extension will be installed.

You can confirm that the extension is installed by looking at the extensions preference pane:

Edit Link On Open

How To Use

Control clicking (or right clicking) on a link in Safari, the following menu will appear. Select "Edit Link On Open..." and you'll be prompted to edit the URL before loading it.

Edit Link On Open

Change Log

Here is the version history of the app.

  • version 1.0
    • Initial version.


Let me know if you have any problems with using the Edit Link On Open or if you have suggestions for future versions.